if i should die this very moment,
I wouldn't fear, for I've never known completeness
like being here
wrapped in the warmth of you

Broken Arrow

Violetta Anastasia

"defensio contra
artes obscuras

defense against the dark arts

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Send Me A Ship || Tedromeda

  • Who cooks: They both cook, but having not cooked much (because of her family), Ted’s usually turns out better.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: They tend to keep a rather clean house by doing little things here and there without really talking about it, it just gets done. 
  • How many children do they have: One, Nymphadora.
  • Who’s more dominate: Ted, but Andy’s not far behind.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Watching the stars, and Andy likes learning muggle things from Ted.
  • Their favorite place to be together: They both enjoy being home.
  • Any traditions: On holidays they put up one Christmas tree the muggle way (by hand), and one with magic. 
  • Their “song”: “All Around Me” - Flyleaf
  • What they do for each other on holidays: Ted deso everything he can to make Andy happy and help her avoid missing her family.
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: They went to Italy. (Why they went to Italy, I don’t know. It just popped in my head.)
  • Where did they first meet: Hogwarts, of course.
  • Any pets: Ted’s got a dog, methinks.
  • What do they fight over: They don’t.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: Not very often because they don’t really have the money to go on big vacations.